The War on Kids – Documentary about the ineffectiveness of the American schooling system, also documents zero tolerance, the ADHD “epidemic”, campus police, standardized testing, and much more.

School Survival – First ever website devoted against compulsory schooling, includes forums and survival guides.

John Taylor Gatto – Former teacher, youth rights activist, and known for his anti-schooling views.

National Youth Rights Association – Largest youth rights organization in the United States.

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading – Various videos and ideas that include ones about reforming education.

” ‘Why Don’t Students Like School?’ Well, duh!” – Article by Peter Gray, psychologist and professor at Boston College, author of Free to Learn.

School-to-Prison Pipeline – Blog by American Civil Liberties Union, dedicated to putting a stop to “zero tolerance” policies and also the presence of campus police.

Student Liberation Project – Site dedicated to fighting compulsory schooling and the factory-model of education, and also giving information to liberate students.

The Truancy – Novel by (former) high school student Isamu Fukui discussing a totalitarian dystopian state and criticizes the institution style of schooling and education.

Ken Robinson – Critic of public schooling and the factory model and conformity.

School Survival on Google Plus – School Survival on Google Plus, includes many conversations.

Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies – Great website describing the major logical fallacies, used by many politicians and the media alike, but also by teachers at times as well.


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