This blog was created by me because I hate school. I hate going to school, I hate the modern concept of school, I hate a lot of things about school, and I hate a lot of aspects of life such as social norms and what is expected of me. Yeah, I hate a lot of things, but I’m a very rational person about it.

School is boring, school sucks, school is mind-numbing and soul-crushing. If you say you hate school and think it’s boring, a lot of teachers and pediatricians are quick to think you have ADHD. You have no choice whether you want to go to school or not. School forces you to memorize boring factoids for tests and uses a notorious grading system which doesn’t really measure what you’ve actually learned. School takes away your rights and often your dignity. I hate school, you probably hate school, a lot of us hate school, I think it’s time for us to fight back.

I also try to write about fighting conformation, writing about social issues, and my personal experiences as well. Not only that, but I write how ineffective the modern “education” system is, and how it has turned more into control rather than to teach.

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