2 comments on “Stereotypes are harmful and stupid, at least today

  1. Stereotypes are bad enough, but the worst kind of stereotype isn’t the kind of stereotype where “x is stupid/smart/hot because they belong to x group”. The worst kind of stereotype is the normal stereotype, which is expected of EVERYONE. The normal stereotype is the one where you are expected to be obedient, play sports, get good grades, get a “good job”, go to college, get married by x year, have kids, make them act like you did, get old, die. It’s the worst stereotype because it is expected of everyone to apply to it, it isn’t treated as a stereotype, and NO ONE fully applies to “normal”. Everyone is unique in their own way, but being “weird” is thought of as weird. The thing about the normal stereotype is we are surprised when we meet someone who isn’t “normal”, but that’s just because the person you met earlier who “was” normal tried to conform to normality and talk about stupid things and do stupid things and “suceed” and be who society expected them to be, but they failed to be “normal”, and that’s why they were depressed.

    • That’s what is called conformity. I hate it as well. It seems that institutions like school, etc try to mold us to be this certain type of person even though a majority of people don’t fit that personality. There are some people that really want to “follow the path”, but most people aren’t living the passions they really should be trying.

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