2 comments on “Maturity vs Conformity

  1. This whole site is full of win! 😀

    You’re right about school teaching you the opposite of maturity. The first time I went to school, I almost never talked and if I did, it was to spout anger out. Before I went to school, I never felt like being such a nasty person (it took me a total of three years to stop spouting all the insults I liked.) Apart from my anger, I conformed to every school rule.

    I think that what I got from going to school was just fear and feeling inferior. So much that it shut my chatty before-I-went-to-school mouth up! So much I turned on everyone else. Worst of all, so many teachers called me “quiet, but mature” when all I was was a fearful little child!

    • I’m also quite a silent person as well. School definitely does teach the opposite of maturity. This was especially the case in middle school, seeing all the popular kids obsess over their popularity. Plus, the school pretty much wants you to hail them (Prom King and Queen, for example).

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