2 comments on “School – Where Creativity Goes To Die

  1. Plus if you try to be creative and ask questions in school, you must raise your hand and only ask the teacher, which teaches that the other students aren’t important. This implies you aren’t important either. Even when you do raise your hand and ask big questions like “Why is this important?” or “Where do people use this?”, you get “Stop asking stupid questions!”, or “Because it’s on the test, that’s why!”. Also, when the teacher decides to randomly pick someone to give him/her an answer even though they may not know it, the other kids are encouraged to make him/her suffer by volunteering to give the answer themselves and make that kid feel like they are stupid just because they weren’t thinking about what the answer was.

    So creativity is only partly allowed in school, if you go outside the regular boundaries and ask the big questions like “Why can’t we use our notes and ask others for help? We will in our futures.”, you get sent to the office for “defiance” or some other bs. Creativity is only allowed within the rigid boundaries of allowed thought.

    Another thing is, school has many startling contradictions and double standards that encourage you to not be creative.

    For instance, one of them is when you learn to be resourceful from culture, but NO! You MUST NOT ask your friends for help on the test or use the internet , which is a free resource to everyone. You also are told to think outside of the box, but only as long as it isn’t outside the boxes you must stay in like obedience, homework, you are your grade, etc
    Individuality is encouraged, but only as long as you don’t try to have individual freedom of waking up at your free will, arriving in class when you want to, and most importantly, learning what you want to learn and how you want to learn it.

    Democracy is taught, but not experienced. You really experience a heavy handed bureacracy, with police state elements in some schools and slavery in all.

    You learn to pursue your own interests and follow what interests you, but you MUST be interested in what i want you to be interested in. You also must do it because i’m using an incentive plan to force you to do it, or else i’ll call your parents and tell them to love you less.

    Either way, i’ve already indoctrinated your parents into only loving you if you meet my standards. You probably remember how joyful it was before you came here when you were free. Welcome to the real world, aka my world. You’ll do what i say from now on because otherwise you will fail in life and live in suffering in a shit job, not much unlike what you endure now.

    WIth love(as long as you obey),
    If you take that last paragraph out of context and remove the -school, i bet most people would assume it was from some inhuman psychopath.

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